But Facts Do Not Exist At All

The Quote "But facts do not exist at all, especially here ... Here everything is fabricated by somebody. Everything’s somebody’s stupid fib. Don’t you feel that?.." is borrowed from the film stalker (1979) from the russian film regiseur Andrei Tarkovsky and titels my bachelor thesis. It reflects the central idea of ​​the image. The pictured landscape does not follow the general physical laws of our reality. Even the concepts of space and the narrative structure is not fixed but changeable. It the result of my imagination. The image installation is made up of image fragments of different formats, which can be rearranged again and again like a tangram puzzle. The landscape is based on a grid of inversions and is locally inversibel. This increases the number of prospects and the possible combinations of the fragments. This tilting moments disturb the linear flow of reading and the safety axes that provide a metric space feeling disappear. The installation give no specification of a chronological order. The viewer should decide this by himself. The visual cross-linking of motifs additionaly effects a nonlinear narration in the viewers mind.